From time to time there are special needs that are not fundable through the general operating budget. It is for this purpose that donated funds are used in order to meet client related and mission based needs. Such special needs may include the purchase of eye glasses, dentures, Christmas presents, and also funding to offset the cost for participating in events, such as, the Special Olympics, summer softball and holiday parties. Occasionally donated funds may be used to partially support special projects intended to enhance G. B. Cooley’s ability in fulfilling its mission.

All donations are made to the Parent/Staff/Friends Group Fund. The PSF Group is a separate entity from G. B. Cooley Services. The PSF Group’s mission is to provide volunteer service and funding support for the client residents at G. B. Cooley. All donations to the PSF Group Fund are accounted for by the PSF Group with all funds kept completely separate from G. B. Cooley general operating funds. In addition, all special needs request for funding must be submitted to the PSF Group for approval prior to any funds being disbursed with a complete accounting for funding usage required. The PSF Group Fund is audited annually and all donations to the PSF Group Fund are tax deductible. Memorial gifts will be acknowledged if you provide the name and address of where the acknowledgement should be sent. . An audit report may also be obtained by all donors upon request

Your contribution helps to:

  • Develop and expand educational opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Continually improve quality and accountability
  • Maintain a healthy and safe living environment

If you need help in making a donation, please contact Carmen Howard by calling 318-397-6690.

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With a check:
PSF Fund
364 GB Cooley Rd.
West Monroe, LA 71291